If you have not read my About page, you know I live life to its fullest, and I am not afraid to show it. However, what many don’t know about me is my love of painting.

Painting Brings Life

Creating beautiful artwork full of colour is rewarding to me. I live for the way a piece can come to life all with a stroke of a brush. The hardest part for me is waiting for the layers to dry, when I get into a piece I just want to go go go. I have an idea in my mind and I want to get it down as fast as possible, when they say inspiration hits at random times, it is true!

Watching as the paint dries, I map out the next set of colours, how they will blend with the current layers and were I want the piece to go. Each and every piece is full of thought and care, and never one is alike.

I especially love creating artwork together with my clients, so let me know what you have in mind.

When I travel, I love to leave my mark. A little touch of Lorena to brighten everyone’s mood. It always makes me happy to think about my work creating joy for others. I love tattooing, but there is just something about creating a painting for a client, a gift, or even my own house that tops it all. Something special that takes patients, thought, and lots and lots of practice.

The last time I was in Havana, I was so blessed to have the chance to feature my works of art in La Marca at the EIIAs Art Exhibit.

You never know when you will get inspired. Let your energy flow, write it down, draw it out. Never hold it in. You never know when your next or first masterpiece will arrive. We all get the block too, so if you currently have one, don’t panic, this too shall pass, so let it. Stop trying to focus it, go out for a fresh walk and notice things, the birds, the buds on the trees, you never know what might inspire you again.

There was a time I felt uninspired, and I wanted to change. I was ready for new scenery and off I went to Colombia. How can you not get inspired in beautiful Colombia!! I created one of my all-time favourite murals while there and I will never forget it. I look forward to the day I visit again and maybe add a new piece of me to it.

We’ve all been there.

There are so many places, people, things that can inspire me. Even my clients tell me stories that make me sit down and draw, that is why your consult and your version are so important to me and my creative design.

I could never do this would all of you, keeping me inspired and creative. In these dark times of uncertainty, I am so happy to have such beautiful people in my life.