I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lorena as a colleague. When we first started working together I always saw her clients getting these beautiful pieces. Whether that be existing clientele coming in for new tattoos or add-ons to their current work and new clients passing through her door every day. No matter who it was they always came out beaming after the session.

I quickly realized that it wasn’t just her amazing work that does truly speak for itself but also her personality and how vibrant she is. Her infectious smile and her down to earth personality made her even more appealing to her clients.

For me, I’ve always been worried to get a larger piece just as the thought of, forever felt daunting with a bigger tattoo. I had decided to cover up my peace sign on my back ad knew Lorena was, hands down my girl. I love that she always creates pieces with an overall vision after a consultation but then truly tweaks and tailors the piece even further to fit you and your body.

Obviously, I’m elated with the end result and have been working on the concept for my entire back with her. To everyone that ever brings up wanting a tattoo, I always refer people to her, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!!