Frequently Asked Questions

Before you book your free consultation please review my most asked questions, this will save us time to focus on your tattoo design and not the basics.  

When are you taking appointments, and do you have a wait list?

I try my best to not have a waiting list.

Usually, I am booked two or three months at a time. These booking periods are not pre-arranged through the year as to allow for some breathing room in my schedule. So I appreciate my clients’ patience when it comes to this. If you want up-to-date information regarding bookings, please consider signing up for my newsletter.

What is your rate, do you take deposits, what forms of payment do you accept?

There is a $200 deposit required to secure appointments. This deposit is deducted from the total price of the tattoo project.  A second deposit only will be needed if you need to come back for a second session. If you change or cancel your appointment without giving at least 48 hours’ notice, your deposit will be forfeited.

I currently charge by the piece, not hourly, but that may fluctuate slightly depending on the project. Drawing time is included in the cost of your tattoo, but for freehand projects drawing time may have a fee.    

Deposits for out-of-town folks can be arranged via email. (Also, please keep receipts for your deposits!) You may also decide to leave more than a $200 deposit, or use the shop as a ‘tattoo fund bank’ with multiple deposits. Please keep your receipts!

The shop accepts deposits by e-transfer and the outstanding balance will be paid in cash the day of your appointment.

Do you ever travel and do guest spots? Will you ever guest in <your city>?

If there is no travel information on my social media pages, then I have no travel plans.

When are you taking appointments, and do you have a wait list?

I do not keep a waitlist. My schedule is never quite set in stone, so I can’t say when exactly my books will be open. I usually try to book two or three months at a time. These booking periods are not pre-arranged through the year as to allow for some breathing room in my schedule. If you want up-to-date information regarding bookings, please consider signing up for my newsletter.

I cannot wait X months for your books to open. Can I get in sooner if you have a cancellation?

No, as stated previously I do not have a waitlist. If I have cancellations, I usually try to fill them via announcements on my social media pages.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, I do. You can purchase them in person with me or on my website here.

What are your policies re: lateness

If you are more than 20 minutes late for your appointment and if you have not attempted to contact me/the shop about your tardiness, you will probably lose your appointment and subsequent deposit! I am extremely strict about this! Please email me if you think you may be late! 

How much will my tattoo cost/how long will it take?

It all depends on the project, this is why I request the client to provide me with as much information as they can, that way I have a better idea when it comes to price and time frame.

I cannot tell you exactly how long a tattoo will take, if you have a concern re: budget and timing please reach out to me or make a note in your design submission.

A full sleeve, for example, can take between 15-30+ hours depending on density, colour, your skin type, and a number of other factors. I try to cap sessions at about 5 hours, and large projects are booked with about 2+ weeks between sessions. 

I do offer discounts for folks hoping to cover extensive scarring, offered on a case-by-case basis.

What if I have a last-minute addendum to the design?

If you have a major addendum to your design (i.e. a major change in subject, composition, etc) please at least give me 48 hours’ notice – keep in mind I may not accommodate big/last-minute design idea changes. If your addendum is not something I can accommodate, the appointment will be cancelled at your expense! So please be sure about specifics. 

I want to get tattooed with one of your designs but I live far away. Can I commission you to draw something for me, and someone else can tattoo it?

Usually when I design for a client it is because I am the artist doing the tattoo.  I will strongly advice you to always consult with the artist that is actually tattooing you when it comes to designs/drawing making or decisions.

What kinds of projects do you prefer to do? How best do I describe my idea to you?

I usually prefer larger custom designs (but I also enjoy and welcome smaller projects so don’t worry if you want something small!) and am trying to integrate more freehand projects into my repertoire. Projects that are colorful and bright in subject matter and tone are sometimes preferred, and I am comfortable with both colour and black and grey pieces. There is no formula or set of motifs that will guarantee an appointment: in order to keep my practice fluid and evolving I try to keep an open mind! It is also helpful if you are open to experimentation as I continually strive to refine and stretch my style. I am always open to trying new things, and am most comfortable when my clients provide direction regarding the subject matter of their tattoos, as well as colour and style, and leave composition elements up to my discretion

Be mindful that I get A LOT of nature-themed requests, and to keep my practice fresh and exciting I turn many of them down. 

You are welcome to email me with a rundown of your idea – but I cannot guarantee a booking in our future. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to discuss and refine ideas to suit my preferred interests – the idea(s) either works for me or it does not. 

What is your appointment process?

You can reach me via email and provide me with all necessary information needed – please include as many relevant details as you can, but also try not to include *too much* biographical information. I am mostly interested in taking your ideas and executing them in a visual medium; we can discuss conceptual/symbolic elements if/when we meet in person for our consult or via email.

Then we can both accommodate your project. ( I will book an in-person consultation to talk about the details of your tattoo only if needed ) This should take no more than 15 minutes. During your consult we will book your actual tattoo appointment and take your deposit (sometimes, however, I will book both the tattoo appointment and your consult at the same time) by email.

You will not be seeing your tattoo design until right before you come in to get tattooed, or at most a day or two before you get tattooed. I like to work in a more artistic and spontaneous way which allows me to give more unique touch to your project and final product.



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